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Anne Elizabeth

Hi, Everyone.

Stories have been a passion of mine since I was a toddler. There's nothing more fulfilling then finishing a project and starting a new one.

The Comic Book and Graphic Novel Series are written for Teens. My PULSE OF POWER Comic World was created in high school. Originally, I wrote several short stories as part of a writing assignment and added to the volumes through college and graduate school. When my first graphic novel, PULSE OF POWER, was released I was enthralled with the incredible visual aspects and was excited to launch into more volumes. The PULSE Series has blossomed with the main storyline and additional journeys with ZOMBIE POWER and THE HALL OF INSIDES. As my heroine Tia, would say, “Power up! Destiny is a choice.”

I'm the wife of a Navy SEAL/EOD and my novels and anthologies are written for adults. My husband who is retired from The TEAMS was a great help with my writing and I'm happy to claim creative fictional license for the fun bits. My husband is the inspiration for my heroes, and I'm grateful to our friends and families who lovingly contributed triumphs and/or difficulties to provide realism and to help others with their struggles. All of the Navy SEAL and Military Books are dedicated to Our Men and Women in Uniform. Thank You for Your Service! HOOYAH & HUGS!